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Welcome to Mr. Public Adjuster, LLC.

Our company is dedicated to offer prompt & quality services to Homeowners & Property owners who are dealing with property loss. We advocate for you! The property owner. We represent the policy holder to maximize the insurance claim settlement amount.

Why Do You Need a Licensed Public Adjuster ?

When you submit a claim, you have to deal with a very experienced insurance company adjuster or independent adjusters. They are adjusting property insurance claim on the company's behalf and in the insurance company's best interest, not yours. They are hired & paid by the insurance company.

       They are trained in all aspect of minimizing your damage. Company adjusters minimize your damage by encouraging cost saving methods. It is the home owner's responsibility to point out the damage, not the insurance company adjuster's responsibility.

           Most people who have property insurance claim have little or no idea regarding the adjustment procedure. If you don't know the procedure then how would you know if your being compensated right or not?

           Often, the insurance companies tell their clients, " There is no reason to hirea public adjuster, you are throwing your money away. We will pay your claim anyway." If thats true then there would be no reason for NJ State Licensed Public Adjusters.

 We are the licensed Professionals work for you, the home owner.

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